Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wrapped around your little finger

In the world adoption, the infertile have the natural mothers wrapped around their fingers. It is the natural mothers that have to wait to be able to see their child, to hear about them, to even get a simple letter from the infertile. I do not know how one can live in this type of state where they feel superior over another person by tearing them apart. In this relm that I have spent years in, I never stop wondering about my little one and if he is being well taken care of. After all, how can a woman with no motherly instincts take care of another's child. It simply does not make sense. Motherly instincts come from having a child and immediately after birth they kick into overdrive. The infertile do no have this ability that the natural mother does. I am sure they envy it and try to mimic it but nothing compares to the abilities of a natural mother.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Some things the world may never understand

The question once was how many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop, now it is, how many dollars will it take to buy that baby. That is what goes on in an infertile's head. Instead of licks, its money, instead of a lollipop, it is a baby, a human life. The infertile rarely consider what it is like to be an unwed mother, scared, hopeless, lost, all they see is the perfect opportunity to get a baby. I wonder as to how many infertiles stop and think of the mother. How often do they walk past a pregnant woman and want that baby, or want a baby of their own. What the infertile want is their own child, made of their flesh, their blood, their bone, not a baby of one else's nature. If genetics did not portray such a vast role in this, the first option would not be IVF. If genetics did not portray such a vast role, they would not even try to create their own, they would just go straight for adoption. You know, as well as I know, that this is not the case. The case is the infertiles last option is adoption. Would you rather get the name brand that fits you perfect or the store brand that fits for the time being but will fall apart later down the road? In many cases, the infertile turns against the adopted once they see the adopted working on their dreams without the help of the infertile. In many cases, the infertile blame the adopted for the faults of the family. Why put blame on the child that is not yours to begin with?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taking off the blindfolds.

Many people in our current day society are too busy wearing blindfolds that obstruct to the real vision about adoption. It is not this glorious thing that many make it out to be, it is a cold, heartless invention of mankind that makes the infertile appear to be as functioning as all others in the society. It gives the infertile the appearance of normality, success, and it makes them seem as though they are good people especially when others hear that they have adopted. In reality, they are nothing but no good, baby stealing bastards. They come in on their hawks, soaring above hospitals where young women are delivering and swoop in and steal their children. This is a bit of an exaggeration, I do realize that, but it is true in a sense. The infertile are waiting for women like myself many moons ago, to try to get pity from us, the unwed mothers, and for them to sign over their rights, their genealogy, their heritage, their chance at being a mother, for the selfishness of the infertile that are somehow okay with tearing apart a family, corrupting family trees, forever changing genealogy, not even considering that the best thing for the child is to stay with their natural family. The selfish actions of the infertile have changed the lives of many children that were adopted for the worse. It takes them away from the thing that they are familiar with; the heart beat of their mother. Somehow the infertile justify it by saying things such as that they are the child's mother, that the child was meant to be theirs, that they deserve a child. No one deserves a child, a child is a gift that many want but few get. Be appreciative you no good, baby stealing, selfish bastards, for women as myself who placed their children for adoption because of the lack of support around them. Next time you want to buy a baby, yes, I said buy a baby, you should give that fucking money to the mother so the baby has no adoption related issues and the mother of the child will be able to support the child instead of forking over thousands to a money hungry industry. Nice going, dumb ass.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Regaining Composure- Post 1

As the years have past, more and more lies have been revealed about adoption and the harms of it. It not only damages the child for the rest of their life, it also damages the mother for the rest of her life as well. This is me, my life, my story as a natural mother and an adopted daughter. In recent years, I have placed my son out of coercion of the couple and the agency. When I was carrying my beautiful son, the adoptive couple wanted everything to do with me, we would eat out together, go on activities together but once the rights to my son were no longer mine, everything changed for the worse. When my son was born, he had to be in the NICU for several weeks. Immediately after birth, the adoptive mother took my son out of my arms and walked out of the room and there I was, I was alone in a strange place and no baby to prove that I had done anything. My mother recalls the adoptive mother looking into the glass room where my son lay hooked up to countless machines and the adoptive mother said, "I knew he was going to be early, but I had no idea my son would be hooked up to so many machines." Yes folks, you read that right, this woman referred to my son as her own son before I had signed any papers, made any final decisions, and when I was at my weakest. What drives adoptors to this point where they feel that every new born is theirs? This, this the world may never know.