Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wrapped around your little finger

In the world adoption, the infertile have the natural mothers wrapped around their fingers. It is the natural mothers that have to wait to be able to see their child, to hear about them, to even get a simple letter from the infertile. I do not know how one can live in this type of state where they feel superior over another person by tearing them apart. In this relm that I have spent years in, I never stop wondering about my little one and if he is being well taken care of. After all, how can a woman with no motherly instincts take care of another's child. It simply does not make sense. Motherly instincts come from having a child and immediately after birth they kick into overdrive. The infertile do no have this ability that the natural mother does. I am sure they envy it and try to mimic it but nothing compares to the abilities of a natural mother.

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